Tornado Alley – Driving for a Legend!

By Bill W

August 25, 2010 – Billy Alley was able to get back in the saddle last weekend with a legend. For the first time in his career, he was able to team with fellow Nebraskan Gary Swenson and his #24A at the Mid-Nebraska Speedway in Doniphan. The result in the NCRA sanctioned event was a solid fourth place finish. It was a nice change of pace for the Lincoln, Nebraska native whose own team is currently on ice with motor woes.

The draw went well to start the night and the 2006 Knoxville Raceway 410 track champion started on the front row of his heat. “Never having driven for a great guy like Gary Swenson before, it was a bit of a relief to start up front in the heat race,” says Billy. “Unfortunately, Garry Lee Maier got a great start beside us and we finished second.”

Billy gained some confidence in the car. “By the end of the heat race, I was really comfortable in the car,” he says. “Gary had made some changes to the car after hot laps that had really made it good.”

After posting in row three for the main event, some great racing ensued. Billy was able to come home with a solid top five with some good competition on the track. “We fell back a bit…I don’t really remember how far,” he says. “We were able to pass a few and we got passed by a couple. We ended up fourth, and for the first night out, I thought it was great.”

Billy was complimentary of both the track conditions, winner Chad Humston, and winning owner, Mark Burch’s team. “They did a nice job with it,” he says of the track. “They’ve redone it so it has some banking, and it was really racy out there. Chad Humston has been really fast in Mark Burch’s car. Mark and Marvin (Brees) work really hard at that and they deserve the success they’re having right now.”

Jack Dover, who was injured in an accident at the I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska on August 16, has been in Swenson’s seat on most occasions this year. “It was good to see that Jack is home now and doing better,” says Billy. “Hopefully, he can get out and do some racing before the year is over when he is well. As far as racing with Gary, we definitely have something to build on, and I hope we can race together again a time or two. It was definitely a lot of fun. When I got out of the car, I had a good feeling. That isn’t something I’ve experienced a lot this year!”

Billy, who grew up as a fan at the Eagle Raceway remembers many top drivers in the #24A. “It was fun just to drive Gary’s car,” he says. “I’ve been around that car for awhile, and I remember watching it run when I was a little kid. Getting to drive it is an honor, because there have been a lot of great drivers in that seat.”

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Al LaMond asks: What are your thoughts on Nebraska entering the Big Ten?

Billy answers: I just feel sorry for Iowa. I just know the Hawkeyes are really into their football like Nebraska people are. I just feel sorry for them. It will cost them a lot of football games. I’m excited for it. I think it will be good for recruiting.

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Alley’s Anecdotes

Billy’s first trip to Mid-Nebraska Speedway yielded a second place finish back on September 10, 2005. The race was sanctioned by the NCRA, and Billy drove Mark Burch’s #1m. Garry Lee Maier won that day ahead of Billy, Mike Peters, Mike Woodruff and Ryan Anderson.

Tornado Alley

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