Mazon Speed Bowl & Grundy Co. Speedway Hall of Fame Looking for Old Racing Pictures and Racing Memorabilia

From Ron Kessler

The HoF committee for the Mazon Speed Bowl & Grundy Co. Speedway is looking for racing pictures, trophies, posters, programs, or other items that can be displayed at their HoF induction ceremony at 3 pm on Saturday September 3, of this year at the Grundy Co . Fairgrounds.

If you have a picture(s) that you would like displayed at the ceremony, even if it’s one you have taken yourself, please let us know. We will make a copy and promptly return the original to you, unharmed, in the condition it was given to us.

Any memorabilia you want to have displayed the day of the ceremony, can be given back to you when you leave that day, or returned promptly to you.

Please contact Ron Kessler at 815-634-8830 or email at or call the fairgrounds office at 815-942-5958, ask for Burdette. We would love to display your pictures or memorabilia. …..