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Brian Goscinski

This weeks Super Shox racer of the week is Nick Petska driver of the KC’s Cabin, Heart of Gold Charity, Massive Speed System #18 Mini Sprint. Nick has been racing for 9 years with the last 5 in the Wisconsin Illinois Mini Sprint Association. During the off season Nick races in a cart league at Chicago Indoor Racing where he won the championship this year.

In 2011 Nick made the switch to Super Shox and has been a threat to win every night as was the case the past two weeks where Nick finished 3rd last week and won this week and is now the point leader for the series.

SS: What feels different with Super Shox as opposed to the other shocks you have used?

NP: The biggest difference with the Super Shox is added traction. Even if you are off on your gas pressures slightly, you still have more traction at the initial hit of the throttle on corner exit than using a non-gas shock.

SS: What do you feel are the benefits of using Super Shox?

NP: The amount of adjustability that Super Shox give the car is crazy. I almost never have to remove a wheel and change wheel spacers anymore to achieve the side bite I want to have on the RR tire, or add or remove spacers on the LR as the track conditions begin to dry/slick out as a nights event goes on. With combination of all 3 (gas, rebound, and compression) I can adjust the bite on each tire as I want for each tracks conditions.

SS: When looking at a double adjustable gas shock it looks pretty complicated to many racers, how has it been for you to adapt to using adjustable shocks?

NP: Absolutely not confusing at all. I had my shocks figured out the very first night I ran them.

SS: What is your opinion on the service and support from Super Shox?

NP: Service has always been really good. Support is excellent, and you guys are usually at my races!

SS: Has Super Shox changed the way you drive or set up the car?
NP: I have always ran an extremely soft set up in my cars. Which were kind of scary to drive before. The Super Shox seem to give an even more comfortable feel with the soft set ups that I like to run. If the car is not comfortable and stable you aren’t going to be very fast!

SS: Nick thanks for taking the time to share your experience with Super Shox.

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