Tyler Drueke Wins at Eagle Raceway

Eagle Raceway
From Greg Soukup

Eagle, NE — (June 16, 2012) — Despite over 4 inches of rain Thursday, Eagle Raceway’s track prep crew got the racing surface in shape for some fantastic action Saturday evening. Although there was rain all over the region, and several area race tracks cancelled their cards, the sun broke through and the high banks were tacky and fast.

The preliminary events had no serious incidents.

The Budweiser 360 Sprint Cars were the first feature event of the night. Tyler Drueke took advantage of his front row starting spot and held the lead after lap 1 in the #12 followed by ken Klabunde’s 28, the 82 of Jason Danley and John Klabunde in the 77. The first yellow flag of the race came on lap 11 when Cody Ledger had a flat left rear tire. Trevor Grossenbacher in the 35 passed Danley for fourth on the restart and then moved past John Klabunde for third on lap 18. Lee Bowes spun in turn 2 shortly after for another caution. Grossenbacher got past Ken Klabunde on lap 21. With just 2 laps left Bowes stopped on the back stretch. After a 2-lap shootout Drueke brought home the win with Grossenbacher second and the Klabundes (Ken and John) rounding out the top 4.

This was Tyler’s first win ever in a 360 sprint car. “I was surprised the no one ran the top. I watched the track and saw the top was there. So, I just had to diamond it all the way around” Tyler said. He concluded the interview by stating “I want to thank my mother and father and Terry Mack”. Drueke’s sponsors include Jeffrey Jakubowski, Jim Fell, B & D Auto Sales, BI Mania, RTC, Truckercpa.com, Jim Fell, Riggs Trucking, Wagner Trucking, Drueke Trucking and Eggert Auto Sales & Service.


360 Sprint 6/16/2012

A Feature:1. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 2. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 3. Ken Klabunde (Omaha, NE), 4. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE), 5. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 6. Jason DANLEY (Lincoln, NE), 7. Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE), 8. Tadd Holliman (Beaver Lake, NE), 9. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 10. Terry Holliman (Hamburg, IA), 11. Cody Ledger (Omaha, NE), 12. Mark Finnell (Osage Beach, MO), 13. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 14. Adam GULLION (Lincoln, NE), 15. Gage Dorr (Elmwood, NE), 16. Bill GARROW (Lincoln, NE

Heat 1:1. Cody Ledger (Omaha, NE), 2. Billy Alley (Lincoln, NE), 3. Tyler Drueke (Eagle, NE), 4. Terry Holliman (Hamburg, IA), 5. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 6. Adam GULLION (Lincoln, NE), 7. Trevor Grossenbacher (Lincoln, NE), 8. Gage Dorr (Elmwood, NE),

Heat 2:1. Jason DANLEY (Lincoln, NE), 2. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 3. John Klabunde (Fort Calhoun, NE), 4. Mark Finnell (Osage Beach, MO), 5. Ken Klabunde (Omaha, NE), 6. Lee Bowes (Lincoln, NE), 7. Bill GARROW (Lincoln, NE), 8. Tadd Holliman (Beaver Lake, NE)