Stein Storms to Feature Win at Arlington

From Arlington Speedway

Arlington, MN — (June 23, 2012) — Mike Stein won the IMCA Sprint Car Feature Saturday at Arlington Raceway.

Front row starter Dan Grams blasted his number 13 out to the front on the first lap but was soon caught by #4 Mike Stien. They raced hard and close for a handful of laps until the caution came out on lap 11 for the 55 of Bruce Allen. Allen busted the center section out of his right rear wheel sending him into the wall. He was un injured, but out of the race. On the restart Stien had a little extra something around the top. He was able to motor right past Grams and take home the checkered.

Sprint Car Feature: 1.4s Mike Stien; Gaylord, 2.13 Dan Grams; Gaylord, 3. 21 Dwain Wilmes; Kasota, 4. 22 Justin .Allen. 5. 20 Jordan Wilmes; St.Peter, 6. 10x Jennifer Erickson; Burnsville, 7. 2 Neil Stevens; Bingham Lake, 8. 55 Bruce Allen; Mankato, 9.00 Brett Allen; Gaylord, 10. 14k Gary Kasten; Hutchinson.