SUNY Canton Weekend for the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints: $2,000 to win at Mohawk and Can-Am

By Dean Reynolds

SYRACUSE, NY – The final two events of the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) week of speed is this Friday and Saturday. It will be SUNY Canton Weekend at Mohawk International Raceway and the Can-Am Motorsports Park where both 25 lap A-Mains will pay $2,000 to win.

The events will also have importance to many of the individual point standings as well as the over all Lucas Oil title so fans will expect a full field of sprint cars on both nights.

Lance Yonge, Justin Barger and Chuck Hebing have already picked up victories in the week of speed but there are many more sprint teams looking to pick up a checkered flag this weekend.

Barger comes in as the overall ESS point leader over Yonge, Shawn Donath, Hebing and Paul Kinney and all will be in the hunt on both nights. But, the list doesn’t stop there as Matt Tanner, Michael Parent, Cory Sparks, Patrick Vigneault, Jeff Cook, Alain Bergeron, Kevin Ward Jr., Mike Stelter, Sammy Reakes IV, Etienne Girard, Joe Trenca, Paul Habeck, Charlie Donk, Jason Barney, James Hanson, Kory Gurney, Kyle Dutcher, Paul Pekkonen, Devin Caron and others will be on hand for both events.

While this was the original second date at Mohawk, the winged warriors will also be back in two more weeks on July 20th to make up for the June 8th rain out. Teams please note that wrist bands from the June 8th date will be honored this Friday.

The next night will be the second visit to Can-Am and will see additions of the Wilson duo of Rick and April as well as Tim Kelly to be in the field joining the cavalry that will be heading down from Akwesasne, NY.

SUNY Canton has been a major supporter of ESS for several seasons now and with their help teams will be gunning for two $2,000 top prizes.

Mohawk International, Can-Am…the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints and the tradition of excitement guaranteed for over 30 years!

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Past Empire Super Sprint Winners at Can-Am Motorsports Park.

July 30, 1987

John Brutcher

July 28, 1988

John Birosh

July 27, 1989

John Birosh

Aug. 2, 1990

Mal Lane

Aug. 1, 1991

Jeff Thomas

July 30, 1992

Tim Kelly

July 28, 1994

Mike Woodring

June 22, 1995

Craig Lane

June 19, 1996

Mike Woodring

June 19, 1997

George Suprick

June 18, 1998

Mike Woodring

June 24, 1999

Dan Kaszubinski

June 22, 2000

Dan Kaszubinski

June 21, 2001

Dan Kaszubinski

Aug. 25, 2001

Alain Bergeron

June 20, 2002

Ryan Coniam

Aug. 17, 2002

Dan Kaszubinski

May 29,2004

Rick Wilson

July 3, 2004

May 28,2005

Rick Wilson

Lance Yonge

July 2, 2005

Dan Kaszubinski

May 27, 2006

Jessica Zemken

July 1, 2006

Justin Barger

July 27, 2006

Jeff VanDusen

July 5, 2008

Justin Barger

July 4, 2009

Justin Barger

July 2, 2010

Justin Barger

July 3, 2010

Jessica Zemken

Sept. 3, 2010 Steve Poirier

Apr. 30, 2011 Alain Bergeron

July 1, 2011 Steve Poirier

Sept. 10, 2011 Chuck Hebing

Apr. 30, 2012 Sam Reakes IV

Former Empire Super Sprint winners at Mohawk International Raceway

July 8, 1989

Rick Crane

July 26, 1997

Craig Keel

July 25, 1998

Ray Preston

July 21, 2001

Rob Dietrick

July 20, 2002

Eric Crocker

July 17, 2004

Billy Krull

July 16, 2005

Kyle Moffitt

July 16, 2006

Jeff Cook

Sept. 22, 2007

Jeff Cook

June 7, 2008

Steve Poirier

Sept. 20, 2008

Brian McDonald

Aug. 14, 2009

Steve Poirier

Aug. 6, 2010

Steve Poirier

June 10, 2011

Steve Poirier

The Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints are brought to you by: Lucas Oil, Le Groupe Ultra, SUNY Canton, Universal American, Hoosier Racing Tires, Fondations 4 Saisons, Cobra Coaches, Westward Painting Company, Mach 1 Chassis, Lee’s Repair Auto and Truck, Fondations 55, Eric Varin Roofing, North Eastern Pool and Spa, Car Mate Trailers, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Ohsweken Speedway, Northwood 2 Construction/Lasalle Motorsports, AKS Firearms, Jasmin Peloquin Sport, 730 Truck Stop, Riverside Bar and Grill, FX Chevy and many, many associate sponsors!!