Allard Wins King of the West Feature During the HK Classic

Jonathan Allard. - File Photo

Jonathan Allard. - File Photo
From Gary Thomas

Watsonville, CA — (July 7, 2012) — Jonathan Allard won the Golden State King of the West sprint car feature Saturday night during the Howard Kaeding Classic Saturday night at Ocean Speedway. Tommy Tarlton, Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst, and Peter Murphy rounded out the top five.

Cancen Oil KWS Series presented by Goodyear Results – “Howard Kaeding Classic” Ocean Speedway Watsonville July 7, 2012


Fast Time: Willie Croft 11.513

Heat One: Peter Murphy, Jonathan Allard, Shane Golobic, Bobby McMahan, Jerry Bonnema, Nick Rescino Jr., Danielle Simpson, Willie Croft

Heat Two: Evan Suggs, Tommy Tarlton, Craig Stidham, Justin Sanders, Cory Eliason, Andy Gregg, Mark Barroso, Scott Parker

Heat Three: Brent Kaeding, Kyle Hirst, Jason Statler, Cody Lamar, Chad Compton, Dominic Scelzi, Jeff Griffin, Doug Gandy, Pat Harvey

Dash: Tommy Tarlton, Evan Suggs, Jonathan Allard, Kyle Hirst, Shane Golobic, Peter Murphy, Brent Kaeding, Jason Statler

LCQ: Willie Croft, Nick Rescino Jr., Doug Gandy, Pat Harvey, Scott Parker, Danielle Simpson, Mark Barroso, Jeff Griffin, Dominic Scelzi, Andy Gregg

A-main: Jonathan Allard, Tommy Tarlton, Shane Golobic, Kyle Hirst, Peter Murphy, Evan Suggs, Willie Croft, Brent Kaeding, Jason Statler, Cory Eliason, Bobby McMahan, Craig Stidham, Jerry Bonnema, Cody Lamar, Doug Gandy, Nick Rescino Jr., Danielle Simpson, Scott Parker, Mark Barroso, Pat Harvey, Chad Compton