Levi Jones. - Mudclodbob Photo
Levi Jones. - Mudclodbob Photo

From Dick Jordan

The Chief Judge of the USAC Court of Appeals has rescinded the penalties assessed to driver Levi Jones and car entrant Tony Stewart Racing as a result of an incident arising from the August 25 “Sprint Car Smackdown” USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car race at Kokomo, Ind. which also involved driver Jon Stanbrough.

The appeal held October 17 and chaired by Chief Appellate Judge Jeff Stoops dealt with penalties originally assessed according to guidelines of USAC competition rule 10.28 regarding unsportsmanlike conduct.

As a result of the appeal, both the 25-point National Sprint Car entrant penalty assessed to Tony Stewart Racing and the 25-point National Sprint Car driver penalty assessed to Levi Jones have been rescinded.

The panel reviewed facts and information available to them. Based on the lack of material and or video evidence to review along with statements made by USAC Officials in charge of competition for the event, the panel agreed that a penalty judging intentional driver conduct during competition could not be enforced.