Ziehl springs to Easter Eggstravaganza win at CSP

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ASCS American Sprint Car Series Southwest Region Top Story LogoFrom Lonnie Wheatley

Peoria, AZ — (April 4, 2015) — Rick Ziehl took top honors in Saturday night’s Easter Eggstravaganza event by racing to victory lane in the 25-lap ASCS Southwest Region winged Sprint Car main event atop the 1/3-mile clay oval.

While Ziehl continued his ASCS Southwest mastery, other Easter Eggstravaganza winners included Mike Strobl in 9th World Vapor IMCA Modified action, Matt Martinez in Arizona Differential Pure Stocks, Joe Vlasity in Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive Renegades and Tyler Merrill in AMA Mod Lites.

The reigning ASCS Southwest champion, Ziehl raced from the pole position to take the win ahead of eighth-starter Lance Norick with wingless ace R.J. Johnson racing from 13th to round out the podium in third. Ryan Linder and Kaylene Verville rounded out the top five.

Canyon Speedway Park

Easter Eggstravaganza Results

ASCS Southwest Sprint Cars:

First Heat: 1. 20z-Rick Ziehl, 2. 9-Ryan Linder, 3. 01-Kaylene Verville, 4. 17k-Kyle Danielson, 5. 22-Mike Rux, Jr., 6. 74-Tyler Seavey, 7. 91-Casey Buckman.

Second Heat: 1. 7-James Aragon, 2. 12-James Mosher, 3. 13-Glen Brace, 4. 2-Alex Pettas, 5. 29-Darrell Sickles, 6. 15c-Joey Chester, 7. 14-Cody Sickles.

Third Heat: 1. 51-Cody Cambensy, 2. 41w-Joshua Williams, 3. 90-Lance Norick, 4. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 5. 51J-R.J. Johnson, 6. 6-Bud Rowe.

“A” Feature: 1. 20z-Rick Ziehl, 2. 90-Lance Norick, 3. 51j-R.J. Johnson, 4. 9-Ryan Linder, 5. 01-Kaylene Verville, 6. 17k-Kyle Danielson, 7. 41w-Joshua Williams, 8. 13-Glen Brace, 9. 6-Bud Rowe, 10. 22-Mike Rux, Jr., 11. 15c-Joey Chester, 12. 14-Cody Sickles, 13. 7-James Aragon, 14. 12-James Mosher, 15. 8-Bob Ream, Jr., 16. 91-Casey Buckman, 17. 2-Alex Pettas, 18. 29-Darrell Sickles. DNS: 51-Cody Cambensy, 74-Tyler Seavey.