Jerald Harris Sweeps VSS Program the Bridge

From VSS

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (May 12, 2018) — On the first hot weekend of the year Jerald Harris first won his heat race then went on to take the feature to show how hot he is. Heat races were first up with Mike Leraas and Jerald Harris taking wins. The feature was paced by Bill Rice and Chris Ware with green out they stayed side by side for the first three laps. Jerald and Tony Harris along with Mike Leraas were all trying to find a way by the front two when Jerald made the first move and got by Chris Ware for second. Chris Ware stayed high with Tony Harris behind as Leraas went low just as Chris got loose Leraas went by to third but Tony was held up. Jerald Harris at the same time went low and to the lead leaving Rice to race with Leraas for second. Leraas got to second as Tony Harris got by Ware and was now on Rice as Leraas was chasing Jerald for the lead. Mike Keeton and Daren Bolac were making their way up as the laps clicked off getting closer to the front. Jerald Harris stayed strong as Leraas and Tony Harris fought over second and Keeton made his way to fourth with Bolac in tow. The caution free feature was going by fast as Jerald caught the back of the field but he stayed smooth and fast all the way to the waving checkered flag. At the line it was Jerald Harris, Mike Leraas, Tony Harris, Mike Keeton, Daren Bolac, Bill Rice, Chris Ware, Craig Pellegrini, Tom Humphries, Neil Sandridge, Glenn Worrel and Ben McCall.