Courtney Edges Bacon to Win USAC Sprint Car Feature at Kokomo

Tyler Courtney. (Jim Denhamer photo)

KOKOMO, IN (September 26, 2020) — Tyler Courtney was able to take advantage of slower traffic to win the USAC Amsoil National Sprint Car Championship feature on Saturday at Kokomo Speedway. Courtney and Brady Bacon traded the lead several times in the closing stages of the feature event until slower traffic impeded Bacon’s progress on the low line of the Speedway and allowed Courtney to cross down from the top of the track and drive around Bacon and the slower cars to take the lead. Courtney held on for the victory over Bacon, Chase Stockon, Brandon Mattox, and Shane Cottle.

USAC Amsoil National Sprint Car Championship
Kokomo Speedway
Kokomo, Indiana
Saturday September 26, 2020

1. 7BC-Tyler Courtney
2. 69-Brady Bacon
3. 5s-Chase Stockon
4. 28-Brandon Mattox
5. 74x-Shane Cottle
6. 12-Robert Ballou
7. 3R-Kyle Cummins
8. 36D-Dave Darland
9. 19-Chris Windom
10. 4-Justin Grant
11. 71P-Clinton Boyles
12. 30-C.J. Leary
13. 19AZ-Logan Seavey
14. 4P-Scotty Weir
15. 9K-Kevin Thomas Jr.
16. 6-Mario Clouser
17. 17GP-Carson Short
18. 61M-Jadon Rogers
19. 22-Chase Johnson
20. 57-Max Adams
21. 7-Critter Malone
22. 17K-Kendall Ruble
23. 47-Thomas Meseraull