Pickens Wins Sprint Car Feature at Western Springs, Sunday Program Postponed

Michael Pickens. (Jim Denhamer photo)

AUCKLAND, N.Z. (February 27, 2021) — Michael Pickens dominated the sprint car feature Saturday nnight at Western Springs Speedway. Pickens was able to drive away from Jamie McDonald and Keaton Dahm for the victory. The win was Pickens sixth of the 2021 season.

The preliminary heat races for the 2021 New Zealand Midget Car Title were completed, but due to Auckland being moved back up to a level three alert the Sunday portion of the event must be rescheduled. If the championship can not be resumed in 14 days there is a possibility the entire event would need to be made up.

Western Springs Speedway
Auckland, New Zealand
Saturday February 27, 2021

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. 1NZ-Michael Pickens
2. 71A-Jamie McDonald
3. 88M-Keaton Dahm
4. 2NZ-Jonathan Allard
5. 6M-James Dahm
6. 76A-Steve Smith
7. 78C-Matthew Leversedge
8. 7A-Dion Kendall
9. 7M-Travis Buckley
10. 98M-Ryan O’Connor
11. 78A-Daniel Eggleton
12. 92A-Chris Kernohan
13. 35A-Rob Vazey
14. 82P-Jamie Larsen
15. 84P-Dean Cooper
16. 11A-Raymond Griffin