Veal Takes the Showdown at Sungold

Jamie Veal. (Image courtesy of Premier Speedway)

Jamie Veal. (Image courtesy of Premier Speedway)
From David Mills

WARNAMBOOL, VIC (February 27, 2021) – Premier Speedway’s Sprintcar Showdown at Sungold Stadium with thanks to Chittick’s, saw a strong field of Sprintcars take to Premier Speedway tonight.

Darren Mollenoyux set the scene during qualifying when he recorded a one lap time of 10.741 seconds to be the fastest overall qualifier. Brayden Cooley, Grant Anderson and Corey McCullagh also recorded the fastest times in their respective heat groups.
Mollenoyux continued his strong from into the opening round of heats when he joined Brett Milburn, Jamie Veal and Peter Doukas in claiming maximum points from their ten-lap heat races.

The second round of heats saw win to Travis Millar, Tate Frost, Jamie Veal and Ross Jarred with a fine drive I the final heat of the night.

The field for the 30 lap feature was set after Andy Caruana won the C-Main and the top four, Tim van Ginneken, Ross Jarred, Andrew Hughes and Tate Frost transferred from the B-Main.

Jamie Veal made the Showdown feature his own as the current Australian Champion led all 30 circulations of Sungold Stadium, enduring a couple of cautions along the way to take the win from the super consistent duo of Mollenoyux and Anderson who completed the podium.

The Super Rod Cup for 2021 was taken out by Ewan Mckenzie as he wound back the clock in a dominant 15 lap feature event.

The earlier heat races were won by Dane Court, with Jamie May picking up a pair of heat race wins.

In the Late model Showdown the Heat races were entertaining to say the least, with wins going the way of Cameron Pearson, Ben Nicastri and Tasmania’s Brad Smith in a thrilling run to the front in the final heat of the night.

An entertaining 20 lap final saw Chevy Edwards take home the Late Model Showdown Silverware after he held off a late race charge from the persistent Brad Smith with Peter Nicola doing enough to hang on for third.

A small field of V8 Dirt Modifieds put on some tight racing with Daryl Hickson capping a strong night with the win in the final.

The quick results of the nights program are as follows:


Time Trial Group One:
1. V20 Brayden Cooley 11.009; 2. V68 Brett Milburn 11.106; 3. S27 Daniel Pestka 11.156; 4. V8 Bobby Daly 11.201; 5. N36 Eddie Lumbar 11.220; 6. V48 Adam King 11.398; 7. V93 Travis Millar 11,438; 8. S97 David Murcott 11.751; 9. VA11 Phil Micallef 11.934; 10. V93 Kevin Reeves No Time Taken.

Time Trial Group Two:
1. V37 Grant Anderson 10.953; 2. V98 Peter Doukas 10.910; 3. V19 Sam Wren 10.983; 4. V28 Andrew Hughes 11.028; 5. V92 Matthew Reed 11.055; 6. V60 Jordyn Charge 11.110; 7. V44 Tim Van Ginneken 11.118; 8. V96 Andy Caruana 11.263; 9. T62 Tate Frost 11.265; 10. V36 Daniel Reinhardt 11.838; 11. VA49 Shaun Lyness 12.094.

Time Trial Group Three:
1. V90 Corey McCullagh 10.747; 2. A1 Jamie Veal 10.766; 3. S20 Glen Sutherland 10.924; 4. VA88 Grant Stansfield 11.133; 5. S37 Terry Kelly 11.234; 6. V64 David Aldersley 11.250; 7. V17 Dennis Jones 11.262; 8. V75 Mitchell Smith 11.489; 9. V32 Stephen Spark 11,621; 10. VA37 Darryl Atkinson 12.129.

Time Trial Group Four:
1. V3 Darren Mollenoyux 10.741; 2. V70 John Vogels 10.903; 3. V2 Domain Ramsay 10.964; 4. S11 Scott Enderl 11.176; 5. N53 Jessie Attard 11.205; 6. V88 Andy Hibbert 11.289; 7. VA22 Leigh Mugavin 11.310; 8. V27 Ross Jarred 11.536; 9. NT4 Jamie McInnes 11.659; 10. V21 Ben Micallef 12.404.

Heat One: 1st V68 Brett Milburn; 2nd V20 Brayden Cooley; 3rd S27 Daniel Pestka; 4th V8 Bobby Daly; 5th N36 Eddie Lumbar.

Heat Two: 1st V98 Peter Doukas; 2nd V37 Grant Anderson; 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge; 4th V19 Sam Wren; 5th V28 Andrew Hughes.

Heat Three: 1st A1 Jamie Veal; 2nd S20 Glen Sutherland; 3rd VA88 Grant Stansfield; 4th S37 Terry Kelly; 5th V17 Dennis Jones.

Heat Four: 1st V3 Darren Mollenoyux; 2nd V70 John Vogels; 3rd N53 Jessie Attard; 4th VA22 Leigh Mugavin.; 5th V27 Ross Jarred.

Heat Five: 1st V93 Travis Millar; 2nd N36 Eddie Lumbar; 3rd V60 Jordyn Charge; 4th V37 Grant Anderson; 5th V96 Andy Caruana.

Heat Six: 1st T62 Tate Frost; 2nd V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 3rd V92 Matthew Reed; 4th V19 Sam Wren; 5th V8 Bobby Daly.

Heat Seven: 1st A1 Jamie Veal; 2nd V75 Mitch Smith; 3rd VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 4th v3 Darren Mollenoyux; 5th N53 Jessie Attard.

Heat Eight: 1st V27 Ross Jarred; 2nd V32 Stephen Spark; 3rd V17 Dennis Jones; 4th S20 Glen Sutherland; 5th V90 Corey McCullagh.

Sprintcar C-Main 10 laps (Top 5 Transfer to A-Main): 1st V96 Andy Caruana; 2nd V92 Matthew Reed; 3rd V2 Domain Ramsay; 4th NT4 Jamie McInnes; 5th VA49 Shaun Lyness; 6th V21 Ben Micallef; 7th V64 David Aldersley; 8th VA11 Phil Micallef; 9th V36 Daniel Reinhardt; 10th VA37 Darryl Atkinson.

Sprintcar B-Main 15 laps (Top 4 Transfer to A-Main): 1st V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 2nd V27 Ross Jarred; 3rd V28 Andrew Hughes; 4th T62 Tate Frost; 5th V90 Corey McCullagh; 6th V17 Dennis Jones; 7th S11 Scott Enderl; 8th V92 Matthew Reed; 9th V32 Stephen Spark; 10th NT4 Jamie McInnes; 11th VA49 Shaun Lyness; 12th V75 Mitchell Smith; 13th V2 Domain Ramsay; 14th V96 Andy Caruana; 15th S37 Terry Kelly; 16th V93 Travis Millar.

Sprintcar A-Main (30 laps No Time): 1st V35 Jamie Veal; 2nd V3 Darren Mollenoyux; 3rd V37 Grant Anderson; 4th V60 Jordyn Charge; 5th N53 Jessie Attard; 6th V68 Brett Milburn; 7th S19 Sam Wren; 8th V98 Peter Doukas; 9th S27 Daniel Pestka; 10th V70 John Vogels; 11th VA22 Leigh Mugavin; 12th N36 Eddie Lumbar; 13th V44 Tim Van Ginneken; 14th VA88 Grant Stansfield; 15th V27 Ross Jarred; 16th T62 Tate Frost (DNF); 17th V20 Brayden Cooley (DNF); 18th S20 Glen Sutherland (DNF); 19th V8 Bobby Daly (DNF); 20th V28 Andrew Hughes (DNF).
(Start Order: 1. A1; 2. V3; 3. V37; 4. V98; 5. S20; 6. V68; 7. V19; 8. V20; 9. V70; 10. V60; 11. S27; 12. N36; 13. VA88; 14. V8; 15. N53; 16.VA22; 17. V44; 18. V27; 19. V28; 20. T62.

Lap Leaders: 1-30 A1 Jamie Veal

T & D Wholesale Chalkstix Torsion Bar Award – S19 Sam Wren 7th place.

Late Model Showdown:

Heat One: 1st V10 Cameron Pearson; 2nd S10 Matt Crimmins; 3rd V2 Peter Nicola; 4th V71 Domain Ramsay; 5th V12 Brock Edwards.

Heat Two: 1st N99 Ben Nicastri; 2nd T6 Brad Smith; 3rd AX21 Chevy Edwards; 4th S19 Brad Gartner; 5th S10 Matt Crimmins.

Heat Three: 1st T6 Brad Smith; 2nd AX21 Chevy Edwards; 3rd V10 Cameron Pearson; 4th V23 Brendan Hucker; 5th V12 Brock Edwards.

A-Main: 1. AX21 Chevy Edwards; 2. T6 Brad Smith; 3. V2 Peter Nicola; 4. V23 Brendan Hucker; 5. S19 Brad Gartner; 6. S10 Matt Crimmins; 7. V12 Brock Edwards; 8. V71 Domain Ramsay; 9. V10 Cameron Pearson (DNF); 10. N99 Ben Nicastri (DNF); 11. V9 Shane Belk (DNF); 12. V17 Will Lamb (DNF)

V8 Dirt Modifieds Showdown:

Heat One: 1st V84 Lloyd Hobson; 2nd V92 Daryl Hickson; 3rd V59 Michael Ardley; 4th V99 Troy Scott; 5th V93 Tyler Scott (DNF).

Heat Two: 1st V92 Daryl Hickson; 2nd V59 Michael Ardley; 3rd V84 Lloyd Hobson.

A-Main: 1. V92 Daryl Hickson; 2. V84 Lloyd Hobson; 3. V59 Michael Ardley; 4. V99 Troy Scott; 5. V23 Mark Topperwein; 6. V93 Tyler Scott.

Super Rod Cup:

Heat One: 1st HA15 Dane Court; 2nd W8 Jamie May; 3rd HA23 Billy Grist; 4th AV10 Allan Pitcher; 5th W88 Howard Stansfield.

Heat Two: 1st W8 Jamie May; 2nd W98 Ewan McKenzie; 3rd AV10 Allan Pitcher; 4th W5 Paul Verhoeven; 5th W88 Howard Stansfield.

Heat Three: 1st W8 Jamie May; 2nd S66 George Woolstencroft; 3rd W5 Paul Verhoeven; 4th W88 Howard Stansfield; 5th HA15 Dane Court.

A-Main: 1. W98 Ewan McKenzie; 2. AV10 Allan Pitcher; 3. W5 Paul Verhoeven; 4. W88 Howard Stansfield; 5. W8 Jamie May; 6. HA15 Dane Court; 7. W4 Peter Gale; 8. S66 George Woolstencroft; 9. HA23 Billy Grist (DNF).

The next meeting at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool will be held on Saturday March 13, 2021 and will feature the Victorian Sprintcar Title, Street Stocks and LS Sprintcars.