Bright Wins Wild USAC East Coast Sprint Car Feature at Selinsgrove

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SELINSGROVE, PA (August 8, 2021) — Alex Bright won the USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series main event after a wild set of circumstances. Bright and Briggs Danner were racing for the lead with Danner taking the position on the white flag lap in turns one and two. Going into turn three Danner got into the wall and flipped, ending his evening. This handed the lead back to Bright who drove to victory over Damon Paul, Shane Cottle, Nah Ely, and Steven Drevicki.

USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series
Selinsgrove Speedway
Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Sunday, August 8, 2021

Heat Race #1
1. 19-Steven Drevicki[1]
2. 20-Alex Bright[6]
3. 57-Damon Paul[3]
4. 39-Shane Cottle[4]
5. 3BC-Nash Ely[5]
6. 11-Mike Thompson[7]
7. 83S-Billy Ney[2]
8. 38S-Tom Savage[8]

Heat Race #2
1. 5G-Briggs Danner[8]
2. 7-Ed Aikin[2]
3. 17J-Jonathan Swanson[7]
4. 88J-Joey Amantea[6]
5. 33W-Michael Walter[5]
6. 12W-Troy Fraker[1]
7. 67-Jason Cherry[3]

Heat Race #3
1. 17-Christian Bruno[4]
2. 32-Colin White[2]
3. 16CW-Eric Jennings[1]
4. 21K-Tommy Kunsman[3]
5. 83-Bruce Buckwalter Jr[6]
6. 74JR-JR Berry[7]
7. 117-David Swanson[5]

1. 20-Alex Bright[7]
2. 57-Damon Paul[4]
3. 39-Shane Cottle[10]
4. 3BC-Nash Ely[13]
5. 19-Steven Drevicki[8]
6. 21K-Tommy Kunsman[12]
7. 7-Ed Aikin[1]
8. 16CW-Eric Jennings[2]
9. 32-Colin White[3]
10. 11-Mike Thompson[16]
11. 88J-Joey Amantea[11]
12. 5G-Briggs Danner[9]
13. 83-Bruce Buckwalter Jr[15]
14. 33W-Michael Walter[14]
15. 117-David Swanson[21]
16. 67-Jason Cherry[20]
17. 38S-Tom Savage[22]
18. 74JR-JR Berry[18]
19. 17-Christian Bruno[5]
20. 17J-Jonathan Swanson[6]
21. 12W-Troy Fraker[17]
22. 83S-Billy Ney[19]