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Getting “Slideways” on the Pavement to End 1999

October 12, 1999

Most of the Midwest has little or no rain all spring and summer, and just when it's time for the U.S. Nationals at the Terre Haute Action Track Mother Nature cuts loose with heavy rain. Several campers reported seeing people starting pair of all the species of animals in the area. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad. I still think though the facility earned the name "Terre Float Actionless Track" for the weekend. No word yet on a possible rescheduling of the ASCS Outlaws and Non-Wing sprints for this year, but I have my doubts if that will happen. [...]

Match Race: The All Stars vs. The Ted Johnson Support Series

August 23, 1999

During the Amoco Knoxville Nationals Ted Johnson announced that the Pennzoil World of Outlaws were going to start their own support series. No matter how anyone tries to sugar coat it, the series is going to be based on the home turf of the All Star Circuit of Champions run by Bert Emick and is rest of the All Star Board of Directors. Since both series look to be racing during the 2000 season , and it appears they will be butting heads. So I decided to weigh all of the options in the only fair way to compare the two series, with a little match race. [...]

Is there any good time for rain?

July 27, 1999

The alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. on race day morning, and the weather forecast calls for a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms. Always the optimist, I blow the report off and start upstairs to get ready to head to the track. An hour later after packing all my computer gear back up I head to the speedway. [...] 4th Anniversary Racing Vacation

July 18, 1999

This past weekend the Bob, Rod, Todd crew and company celebrated the fourth season of the TJ Slideways Midwest Sprint Car Racing Page by taking in four races featuring six of the divisions that have made this page worth reading on a regular basis. From midgets on pavement to the World of Outlaws, we pretty much saw everything we cover here on the Slideways page. [...]

Getting Geeked for a Big Racing Week!

July 13, 1999

This is an extremely big week for racing here in the Midwest. The Wolverine Mid-Season Nationals, The Brad Doty Classic, and the Mopar Kings Royal are the main focus this week around here. Following that will be Pennzoil Sprint Week, which is just around the corner. We're totally geeked to bring it all to you, and can't wait for things to start getting cranked up on Wednesday. [...]

National Lampoons, “Northern Michigan Vacation”

June 14, 1999

About three years ago my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin's pulled up roots from Mid-Michigan and moved up to the far northwest city of Kalkaska, Michigan. Kalkaska is about 25 miles east of Traverse City, which is right on Lake Michigan. [...]

New Fan Friendly Atmosphere At Indy Is Not A Surprise

May 27, 1999

Wednesday afternoon around Noon Indiana time I was taking a left onto Georgetown road and headed into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for one of the biggest thrills of my life. Myself and Mike Stevel from the New 96 Speedway got to drive around the Speedway. This honor wasn't reserved for VIP's, track owners, or media members because it was Community Day at the Speedway. [...]

Gas City I-69 Speedway: Best Show In the Country

May 18, 1999

Last week I made the three hour trip down Interstate 69 to the Gas City Speedway. This wasn't to see USAC, All Stars, World of Outlaws, or any other group. I went just to see a typical Friday night at a local race track. In fact, it was fan appreciation night. For $5.00 general admission fans got to see a full program of traditional sprint cars, UMP Modifieds, and the Street Stocks. I can honestly tell anyone though it's worth driving twice as far as I have to for what might be the best short track going in the United States today. [...]

Notes from USAC at Attica Raceway Park

April 30, 1999

A full house at Attica Raceway Park Friday night was treated to some of the best racing action with the USAC Stoops/Freightliner Sprint Car Series were not disappointed. [...]

Wondering About the World

April 21, 1999

No matter what I do this week my mind seems to be in Colorado. I'm not that far removed from high school and can remember all the good times I had with all my classmates at concerts, dances, games, and class. Growing up in a small town it's sometime hard to imagine how someone could do something so horrible as killing a large group of students in a library. When things like this happen, parents and teachers have to find a way to explain to students in other schools why this happened. They also much convey somehow this isn't going to happen to them at school the next day. [...]

Where in the World is TJ Slideways?

April 21, 1999

There is only one thing worse than a racing off season, it's getting a taste of outdoor racing and having to take two weeks off from it! Just to clear things up I haven't moved to Germany, I didn't run off to Nashville to become a country music star, and I did not give up racing to follow Phish all around the country this summer. [...]

Something old, something new…

April 5, 1999

For as long as I can remember one of the first trips I make to a race all season is for the World of Outlaws in April at the Eldora Speedway. Every spring I notice how much the series has progressed. [...]

TJ’s Notebook From the World of Outlaws at Eldora

April 2, 1999

Travis Whitney's team was very excited about his performance on Friday night. Finished second in the Channellock Dash to Andy Hillenburg to put him on the outside of the front row for the feature event. Whitney jumped into the lead until Steve Kinser was able to pass the rookie of the year candidate in turn one. Whintney then jumped the cushion and caved in the floorboard on his Maxim chassis. Travis's crew was also lucky on the weather as they were down to their last engine and were hoping for rain on Saturday. [...]
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