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Lernerville Speedway

Lernerville Speedway

Chisney Wins at Lenerville

May 20, 2017

Dylan Chisney made the trip from Central Pennsylvania worthwhile by winning the feature event Friday at Lernerville Speedway. [...]

Flick Wins Steel City Stampede

October 15, 2016

A.J. Flick closed out the Western Pennsylvania sprint car season by winning the feature during the Steel City Stampede at Lernerville Speedway. George Hobaugh Jr, Jack Sodeman Jr, Dan Kuriger, and Sye Lynch rounded out the top five. [...]

Bowser Wins at Lernerville

August 13, 2016

Carl Bowser won the sprint car feature Friday night at Lernerville Speedway. Dan Shetler, Jack Sodeman Jr, George Hobaugh Jr, and John Garvin Jr. rounded out the top five. [...]
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