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Valenti Wins SOD Feature at Tri-City

Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP Tri-City Motor Speedway Auburn, MI Friday June 22, 2018 Feature (25 Laps): 1. 7-Shawn Valenti, [1]; 2. 71H-Ryan Ruhl, [3]; 3. 5B-Chad Blonde, [10]; 4. 0-Steve Irwin, […]

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Jim Coffey & Son Plumbing & Heating backs SOD “Deuced It!” Award

Finishing second anytime may get you called a lot of things, but one isn’t winner. Engine Pro Sprints On Dirt presented by ARP partner Jim Coffey & Son Plumbing & Heating will help ease the pain of finishing second through its Deuced It! Award that will pay a $100 cash bonus to the second-place finisher for all 2018 SOD features. […]