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By Dick Jordan

• All National Races Pay Minimum $5000 To Win – $500 To Start
More than $1 Million in Prize Money Available in 2012
• $103,500 Points Fund For Top 10 – $20,000 for 1st, $5000 for 10th
• $10,000 In Ignite Ethanol Fuel Incentives
• Bonus $200 Per Night In Incentives For Top 10 In Points

The United States Auto Club announced today numerous new member incentives for the 2012 AMSOIL National Sprint Car Championship.

Membership in USAC has always produced rewards for participants. In 2012, USAC is expanding the financial rewards on several fronts. The strength of the AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series has been reflected with the increased activity and exposure experienced in the past 12 months and in the re-focus of the Series to an all-dirt Championship calendar.

All National Sprint Series events, with 47 on the 2012 Calendar, will pay out a minimum of $5000 to Win – $500 to Start. The Eastern Swing will continue paying $6000 to Win – $600 to Start, recognizing the great week of racing and USAC fan base in the Pennsylvania market. Additionally, 6 events will pay $10,000 or more to win making 2012 one of the richest total purses in history with more than $1 Million in purses in total for the series.

USAC will also reward the Top 10 in Owner Points entering each racing event with an additional incentive worth approximately $200 per night, or nearly $90,000 in additional incentives provided by USAC during the racing season. These incentives are a combination of cash, free pit entry and waived car entry for each night the qualified car enters an event. Named after Amsoil’s Dominator Racing Oil, the new bonus will allow fans to follow along the battle for the Top Ten in points on an event by event basis. A team achieving this status throughout the season will reap nearly $10,000 in additional incentives.

The annual points fund for the National Sprint Car Championship has been reserved for greater than $100,000 alone. The National Champions will receive a cash award of $20,000 for 1st, $10,000 for 5th and $5000 for tenth place. A complete breakdown is attached.

Additionally, Ignite Ethanol Performance Fuel is offering $10,000 in a cash reward for the top team in the Top10 owner points using Ignite Ethanol in their quest for a Championship. Cars must be registered by June 1st with USAC for qualification for these awards.



1st $20,000 $10,000
2nd $15,000
3rd $12,500
4th $11,000
5th $10,000
6th $ 9,000
7th $ 8,000
8th $ 7,000
9th $ 6,000
10th $ 5,000

Event Incentives Per Night For Top 10 In Points

$100 Qualifying Bonus
Pit Entry – Registered Car Owner
Pit Entry – Licensed Driver
Car Entry Fee Waived