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Grant Anderson Wins at Heartland Raceway

Sprintcar Racing Association of Victoria Heartland Raceway Moama, NSW Saturday February 22, 2020 Qualifying Flight A: 1. V90-Corey McCullagh, 14.247 2. T7-Tim Hutchins, 14.394 3. V60-Jordyn Charge, 14.774 4. N32-Warren Ferguson, 14.908 5. V7-Paul Solomon, […]

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McCullagh Wins at Avalon Raceway

LARA, VIC (January 11, 2020) — Corey McCullagh won the Sprint Car Racing Association of Victoria Eureka Garage and Sheds Sprint Car Series event on Saturday at Avalon Raceway. McCullagh started on the front row […]

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WSS Rained Out at Avalon

The World Series Sprintcars event scheduled for Monday at Avalon Raceway was cancelled due to inclement weather. WSS returns to action New Years Day at Premier Speedway in Warrnambool, Victoria. […]

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Grant Anderson Wins Max’s Race at Premier Speedway

Max’s Race SRA Eureka Garage and Shed’s Sprint Car Series Premier Speedway Warrnambool, VIC Saturday December 14, 2019 Qualifying: 1. W17-James McFadden, 11.220 2. S15-Aidan Hall, 11.223 3. T62-Tate Frost, 11.241 4. V3-Corey McCullagh, 11.333 […]

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Corey McCullagh Wins at Wangratta Speedway

SRA Eureka Garage and Sheds Sprint Car Series Wangratta Speedway Wangratta, VIC Saturday December 7, 2019 Feature: 1. VA71-Corey McCullagh 2. V83-Chris Solomon 3. V73-Charles Hunter 4. V77-Brayden Parr 5. V68-Brett Milburn 6. V60-Jordyn Charge […]

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McFadden Wins SRA Feature at Mt. Gambier

SRA Eureka Garage and Sheds Sprint Car Series Borderline Speedway Mt. Gambier, SA Saturday November 23, 2019 Feature: 1. W17-James McFadden 2. V3-Corey McCullagh 3. N47-Marcus Dumesny 4. T22-Jock Goodyer 5. S27-Daniel Pestka 6. Q83-Steve […]

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Veal Wins the Victoria Open Sprint Car Title

Jamie Veal won the 2019 Victoria Open Sprintcar Title Saturday at Premier Speedway. Veal, from Warrnambool, swapped the lead with David Murcott during the first two circuits before Veal took over the top spot on lap three and led the remainder of the 30-lap distance. […]

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McFadden Wins Avalon Sprintcar Jackpot Invitational

SRA Eureka Garage and Sheds Sprint Car Series Avalon Raceway Lara, VIC Saturday November 9, 2019 Feature: 1. W17-James McFadden 2. T22-Jock Goodyer 3. V3-Corey McCullagh 4. V88-David Murcott 5. T7-Tim Hutchins 6. V42-Jye Okeeffe […]