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Bridgeport Speedway

Jeff Geiges Wins MASS Feature at Bridgeport

Mid-Atlantic Sprint Car Series Bridgeport Speedway Bridgeport, N.J. Saturday May 11, 2019 Feature: 1. 77j-Jeff Geiges 2. 202-Mark Bitner 3. 2-Andy Best 4. 1-Tom Carberry 5. 61-Jon Haegle 6. 9s-Rick Stief 7. 18-Tim Tanner, Jr […]

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Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series

Bitner Wins MASS Feature at New Egypt

Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series New Egypt Speedway New Egypt, NJ Saturday May 4, 2019 Feature: 1. 202-Mark Bitner 2. 94D-Logan Diehl 3. 18-Tim Tanner 4. 77J-Jeff Geiges 5. 9S-Rick Stief 6. 44-Dave Brown 7. 21J-Jason Dunn […]

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Dewease and Wolfe Win at Williams Grove Speedway

Williams Grove Speedway Mechanicsburg, PA Friday October 5, 2018 Winged 410 Sprint Cars A-Main: 1. Lucas Wolfe, 2. Freddie Rahmer, 3. Danny Dietrich, 4. Cory Haas, 5. Lance Dewease, 6. Kyle Moody, 7. Brian Brown, […]

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Bridgeport Speedway

Stief and Davis Win at Bridgeport

From Erika Palmai Wagner BRIDGEPORT, N.J. (July 22, 2017) — After a wild night of double-features at South Jersey’s Bridgeport Speedway, the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series had a first-time feature winner and a first repeat victor […]