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Veal Wins the Krikke Boys Shootout

Krikke Boys Shootout QUIT Bunbury Raceway Bunbury, WA Sunday March 4, 2018 Feature: 1. Jamie Veal, 2. Luke Dillon, 3. Carson Macedo, 4. James McFadden, 5. Jamie Maiolo, 6. Glen Sutherland, 7. David Murcott, 8. […]

Bunbury City Speedway

Ryan Smith Wins at Bunbury Speedway

Quit Bunbury Speedway Bunbury, AU Saturday December 30, 2017 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. USA1 – Ryan Smith 2. USA2 – Parker Price-Miller 3. 10 – Andrew Priolo 4. 99 – Jamie Maiolo 5. […]

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Maiolo Wins AHG Sprint Car Feature at Bunbury

AHG Sprintcar Series QUIT Bunbury City Speedway Bunbury, WA Saturday November 25, 2017 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. 77 – Brad Maiolo 2. 11 – Jason Kendrick 3. 12 – Daniel Harding 4. 89 […]

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Bunbury City Speedway

Tatnell Wins WSS Feature at Bunbury

World Series Sprintcars Bunbury Speedway Bunbury, AU Saturday November 17, 2017 WSS Feature: 1. W 2 – Brooke Tatnell 2. W 17 – James McFadden 3. V 35 – Jamie Veal 4. W 3 – […]

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Bunbury City Speedway

Gessner Wins at Bunbury

Cameron Gessner won the sprint car feature Friday night at Bunbury City Raceway. Brad Maiolo, Brian Brown, James Inglis, and Dominic Scelzi rounded out the top five. […]

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Maiolo wins at Bunbury

“The car was pretty good, the track was pretty demanding and I was trying to hang on.”

That was Jamie Maiolo only moments after winning round three of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

Jamie won the 30-lap final from younger brother Brad and Jason Kendrick for his second victory in three races. […]