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Brent Beauchamp Wins at Putnamville

Brent Beauchamp was victorious in the non-wing sprint cars at Lincoln Park Speedway while Ethan Barrow scored his second win of the weekend with the Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Cars. […]

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Ricky Lewis and Ethan Barrow Victorious at Paragon

Paragon Speedway Paragon, Indiana Friday August 28, 2020 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1: 1. 11-Ricky Lewis 2. 23-Colin Parker 3. 4-AJ Hopkins 4. 4C-Daylan Chambers 5. 19-Damon Cooley 6. 22-Brandon Spencer 7. 88-Will […]

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Luke Hall Wins BOSS Feature at Moler

WILLIAMSBURG, Ohio (June 7, 2019) — Luke Hall won the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series feature Friday night at Moler Raceway Park. Luke Hall and Matt Westfall rounded out the podium. Ethan Barrow won the Ohio […]

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Ethan Barrow Wins 305 Feature at Putnamville

Lincoln Park Speedway Putnamville, IN Saturday July 21, 2018 Heat Race #1: 1. 14-Ethan Barrow, [2]; 2. 30-Anton Hernandez, [3]; 3. 23-Luke Bland, [4]; 4. 39-Damon Fortune, [5]; 5. 28K-Patrick Kren, [1]; 6. 14C-Danny Clark, […]

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Hopkins and Barrow Win at Lincoln Park Speedway

Lincoln Park Speedway Putnamville, IN Saturday May 12, 2018 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1: 1. 2C-Tim Creech II, [1]; 2. 18W-Jeff Bland Jr, [8]; 3. 63-Josh Cunningham, [2]; 4. 24-Nate McMillin, [4]; 5. […]

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Kyle Cummins Wins at Bloomington Speedway

Bloomington Speedway Bloomington, IN Friday April 13, 2018 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1 (10 Laps): 1. 77S-Travis Berryhill, [1]; 2. 70-Jordan Kinser, [2]; 3. 63-Josh Cunningham, [3]; 4. 5-Brady Short, [6]; 5. 24L-Lee […]

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McGhee Wins at Bloomington

Max McGhee won the non-wing sprint car feature Friday night at Bloomington Speedway. Tyler Thomas, Kevin Thomas Jr, Josh Hodges, and Brady Short rounded out the top five. […]