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Matt Egel Wins at Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge Speedway Murray Bridge, SA Saturday October 19, 2019 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1: 1. S63-Ryan Jones 2. S81-Luke Dillon 3. S4-Lisa Walker 4. S16-Joel Heinrich 5. S11-Scott Enderl 6. S7-Hayden Pitt […]

Ultimate Sprintcar Championship
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Matt Egel Wins at Murray Bridge Speedway

Murray Bridge Speedway Bridge East, SA Saturday March 16, 2019 Ultimate Sprintcar Championship Feature: 1. S97 – Matt Egel 2. Q7 – Robbie Farr 3. S19 – Brad Keller 4. S40 – Marcus Dumesny 5. […]

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Engel Signs Up for WSS

From WSS Matt Engel, driving for Muir Motorsport, is the second driver to be announced, as a contracted driver, in this season’s highly anticipated World Series Sprintcars. Egel has achieved three podium positions in previous […]

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Egel Wins Perez Memorial

Matt Egel won the Sprintcar Allstars Tyson Perez Memorial Saturday night at Borderline Raceway. Travis Rilat, Matthew Reed, Chad Ely, and Sam Putland rounded out the top five. […]