Michaels' Mercer Raceway

Mercer Rained Out

The event scheduled for Saturday, April 29 at Mercer Raceway Park featuring winged 410 sprint cars was rained out. […]

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Lynch Wins Ralph Quarterson Memorial at MErcer

MERCER, PA (September 18, 2021) — Sye Lynch won the second annual Ralph Quarterson Memorial Saturday at Michael’s Mercer Raceway. Adam Kekich, Danny Kuriger, Jack Sodeman Jr, and Cody Bova rounded out the top five. […]


Kekich Wins at Mercer

Adam Kekich won the feature event for the winged 410 Sprint Cars Saturday at Michael’s Mercer Raceway. […]

Michaels' Mercer Raceway

Jacob Gamola Wins Finale at the 2020 Little Guy Nationals

Little Guy Nationals Michael’s Mercer Raceway Mercer, Pennsylvania Saturday October 3, 2020 Allegheny Sprint Tour Feature: 1. 4J-Jacob Gamola[1] 2. 29-logan mccandless[8] 3. 88-Greg Dobrosky[2] 4. 56-Steve Cousins[3] 5. 21-Rob Felix[6] 6. X7-Andy Cavanagh[7] 7. […]