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T.J.’s Notebook: Forget Looking Back, the Future Looks Promising

The trendy writing topic the past couple of weeks of writing memories and reflections of the past decade will not been seen here. Normally I enjoy waxing nostalgia for everyone to read. Going to sprint car races since birth and running this website since 1996 has given me plenty to reflect on.

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T.J.’s Weekend Notebook: Week of the Weird

By T.J. Buffenbarger Between rain, races held at alternate locations with 24-hours’ notice, and unusual accidents last week the 2019 Ohio Sprint Speedweek will be remembered for a long time. The past couple of years […]


T.J.’s Notebook: Prioritizing in the Rain

Every spring there are at least a couple of weeks where a large portion of the races around the country are cancelled due to weather. This is not only problematic to fans, race teams, and track operators. It’s very problematic to us. Having a business that is based on racing news and not having any results during a busy time of year is a challenge I’ve been tackling for over 20 years. […]