Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series

Westfall Sweeps BOSS Weekend with Waynesfield Win

WAYNESFIELD, Ohio (7/7/18) – The third event in eight short days welcomed the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series for the first time in 2018 to Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio.  The event dubbed the Dick […]

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Westfall Wins at Waynesfield

Waynesfield Raceway Park Waynesfield, OH Friday June 30, 2018 Non-Wing 410 Sprint Cars Qualifying 1.74-Drew Rader, 12.077; 2.6-Scotty Weir, 12.185; 3.2DI-Dustin Ingle, 12.411; 4.23S-Kyle Simon, 12.608; 5.97X-Tyler Hewitt, 12.611; 6.9N-Luke Hall, 12.619; 7.44-Joe Liguori, 12.684; […]

Waynesfield Raceway Park

Westfall Wins Opening Day Feature at Waynesfield

Waynesfield Raceway Park Waynesfield, OH Saturday April 21, 2018 Qualifying 1.52-Isaac Chapple, 12.911; 2.0-Steve Irwin , 13.015; 3.97X-Tyler Hewitt, 13.259; 4.87-Paul Dues, 13.274; 5.53-Steve Little, 13.293; 6.24L-Lee Underwood, 13.328; 7.21-Travis Hery, 13.454; 8.9N-Luke Hall, 13.524; […]